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Did you ever just not give a fuck? Did you finally run out of fucks to give? Well here is your solution! Introducting a Jar of Fucks to Give. Now, when you're in desperate need of just a single fuck to give, open your jar, grab a fuck, and give that fucker away. No more searching for a way to seem interested. No more pretending you care. It's that simple. 


Note for glow in the dark versions: to charge the fucks, hold it to a bright light for 30-45 seconds.  Light bulbs will work but for longer lasting effect, use UV light (either a UV bulb or let it sit in the sun). Don't stare at the fucking sun.


Did you run out of fucks? Great news, you can click here to order a refill of fucks, no jar included.

Jar of Fucks - Fucks to Give

SKU: JarOfFucks
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