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​Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in our membership program and submitted your feedback. Here is some of the most common feedback we received and our responses. If you have any more questions or suggestions, please let us know!

  • Extend the hold window for the 8 included bottles

    • Done! We will hold the 8 guaranteed bottles for the entire membership year. We will not, however, hold any additional purchased bottles past the required pickup dates. We won’t have the space to do so.

  • Have a members’ only event

    • For the first year, this may not be an option. We are going to have a lot on our plate during the startup year. But for future years, it will absolutely be an option.

  •  Help members find a proxy

    • Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can do. I’m not going to have time to reach out to everyone and coordinate a proxy for them. There are a multitude of beer groups on social media that may be able to assist you.

  • Offer shipping for out of state members

    • Now that we have gotten feedback and found that 1/3 of our supports are going to be from out of state, we have started looking into this. We would require a separate license to be able to ship alcohol and this adds one more layer of complexity to our process. I cannot promise this will happen, but we will try!

  • What types of barrel aged beers will you be brewing?

    • Great question. Initially we will be doing mostly stouts, porters, barleywines and possibly some Belgian styles. As we begin to grow and develop more recipes, we’ll be looking to expand into other styles such as saisons and sours (BA QUINNtessential Cobbler??).

  • Where are you planning to open your brewery?

    • We are going to be sticking to the Northern Virginia area. While we haven’t found a location yet, we are looking in Alexandria, Sterling, Merrifield, Fairfax and many of the surrounding areas.

  • Why no mead?

    • Unfortunately, mead is classified as a wine in Virginia. This would require a separate location and a separate business/liquor license. While we aren’t planning to open a meadery right now, that’s not to say it will never happen.

  • I would prefer 12oz bottles over 22oz bottles

    • As an avid beer drinker, I can relate. A someone who has manually bottled 1000s of bottles, I also know the amount of labor involved with bottling. We are not going to own an automatic bottling line (they are VERY expensive). So, to start, we are going to be manually bottling everything using a counter pressure bottler that I plan to build myself. Using 12oz bottles is going to require too much time, at least to start.

  • Are you looking for investors?

    • We are not. We are looking to self-fund this entire project with a little help from crowd funding.

  • I’m interested in the membership but I want to try your beers first. How do I do that?

    • Just ask! You can find us on Facebook or on Instagram. Send us a message!

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